If you have experienced a traumatic brain injury or suffered from a stroke, you may be at risk for developing cognitive impairment, memory loss, emotional distress, learning disabilities, dysfunctional debility, sleep disorder, incoherent linguistic impairment, or loss of executive function. Provider Cecilia Corrado has more than 25 years of experience as a neuropsychiatrist, specializing in behavioral health and critical care. Her experience allows her to uniquely put together mental health treatment options that are carefully selected based on each individuals complex, multiple medical comorbidities.

Provider Cecilia Corrado works with you, your primary care, and consulting physicians to create balance and harmony in your world so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and live your life to your fullest potential. We encourage each and every one of our patients to be engaged with the decisions that determine their care in an effort to build mental, physical, social, and spiritual fitness as a foundation for wellness.

Services Provided to Civilian Patients
  • Brain injury can be traumatically induced through MVA, Football, Boxing, Falls, or pathologically induced via Advanced Age, Stroke, Aneurysm, or Tumors. The goal at Osprey Medical is to restore cognitive, memory, and linguistic skills to each individual’s fullest potential.
  • Through Behavioral cognitive therapy we are able to develop a comprehensive medical psycho-social fitness program for each patient.
  • Utilization of multidisciplinary approaches to build a strong foundation of resiliency to overcome stress and debility caused by mental illness, physical and emotional trauma, relationship, financial, or legal hardship.
  • Offer TBI awareness and prevention services reaching out to local schools and high risk Sports and Recreational Activity groups.
  • Providing Partnerships in Dementia Care training to Medical and Nursing community enables participants to develop increased sensitivity and awareness of geriatric needs, response to therapeutic interventions, and non-pharmacological nursing interventions for unstable behaviors.