Your Consultation

Finding the Right Provider

One of the most important and personal decisions you make is choosing a provider that is right for you. This is your partner in your mental and emotional health well being. An effective doctor–patient relationship is built with time and trust.

As a physician and nurse practitioner, Provider Cecilia Corrado has credentials that confirm she has the needed training, skills and experience to provide health care in her specific field. In addition, it confirms that she has no history of malpractice claims or disciplinary actions.

Doctor Consulting

The Provider’s Experience Matters

Provider Cecilia Corrado has an established career as a civilian and military educator and clinician and researcher.

Her psychiatry training includes Inpatient and emergency psychiatric care in Tampa and Miami. Provider Corrado military experience encompasses all aspects of military and family life. She was an Active Duty military officer from 1993 – 2003 and USAFR reservist from 2003 to 2013. This includes experience as a mother of deployed a soldier during a war from 2004-2005, and as wife of a deployed spouse during desert storm in 1990.

Gender is important in discussing your personal information. Provider Corrado wants you to feel comfortable during your encounter. Do not hesitate to ask her about her recent training and experience specifically related to your condition and gender.

Hospital Quality

It is not unusual, while on staff at Holmes Regional Medical Center, to find eleven new admissions on a Sunday morning for alcohol and drug abuse. With Provider Corrado’s years of service to the local community, she is now expanding to include Rural areas of Brooksville to staff in Springbrook Psychiatric Hospital.

Communication Style

Provider Corrado is sensitive to your personal needs. Her friendly office and staff provide a comfortable supportive environment where you can relax and discuss issues important to you.


Provider Cecilia Corrado’s  practice locations, at 1698 West Hibiscus Blvd. suite B Melbourne, Fl 32901 and Brooksville.

Insurance Coverage:
  • Tricare
  • BCBS
  • CAQH
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • Medicare
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Comp Care
  • Medicaid
Consultation Offered for:
  • Legal
  • Disability: Social Security & Veterans Affairs